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Navigate your sales opportunities to reach more wins

Find the next best step with AI driven guidance

Every organization is unique, every sales rep is unique, uncover your winning patterns and leverage them to  close more deals
Objective and not subjective sales decisions
What is happening in each opportunity

Capture all customer touch points in one place

Understand the key success factors in each step of the process

Make the right decisions that are right for you

section 2
section 3
Know what is driving your success
Step by step next best action

What actions make a difference on win rate

Replicate best performance in each opportunity

Act with confidence , do only what you know is working

section 4
Accelerate sales process and win rate
Recommendations and alerts 

Gain Actionable insights that increase your success rate

Prevent future delays early in the sales process

Act fast – never miss a task

Section 5

your unique approach to convert much more deals

What does my opportunity really look like? 
All of your touch points automatically ingested on one timeline, no more siloed missing data 
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 11.27.59.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 11.27.46.png
Section 6
Is my opportunity advancing the way it should?
Which next action has the highest probability to reach a successful outcome based on win patterns 
Section 6
Accelerate your deal process
Use previous deal experience to address required actions early in the sales process
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Who is it for

We help inside and remote sales teams drive more wins through the sales process 
Sales leaders
Understand the bottom line
Understand what is driving team success. Benchmark performance across teams, regions or individuals
Sales managers
Get the full picture
Coach and guide account executives in every step of their process. Identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement
Account executives
Close more deals in less time
Up your game by knowing what are your success factors and get recommendations to fast forward wins
Early bird access is now available,
get your spot and we'll update you soon!
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